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November 18, 2013


Juliet Mann

Some have been cut down!
I neeeeeeeeeeeeed more information! Are they all the same kind? I need photos of the leaves and the bark.I just have to know this.
I am excited about a tree I have found called Redbud Forest Pansy. Maybe I will do a blog about it.

evie winter

None have been cut down, the perspective is slightly different, and some trees are hidden behind others. *the bottom photo is more recent*.
If I get time, I'll do some closer ups. I'm guessing they are not because of the one that is losing its leaves later than the rest.

Juliet Mann

The first year that we lived in London - 1970 - all the leaves were off the trees by the middle of November. Your photo doesn't show it, but there are still a lot of leaves on many trees - and we are getting near the end of November.

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